Building Our Future Retro Futuristic Poster

Title: Building Our Future Retro Futuristic Poster
Date Completed: February 2013
Design: Lord Libidan
The first in a new folly into digital art, this retro futuristic poster was originally just a weekend project, however as time progressed it became a long term project.
Its a satirical take on the retro futurism of the 20th century with its various influences and themes.
The city scape and high rises are to show the grander of the period and hopes for becoming something great with theories that the space ship and blimp would still be in use in the future. Additionally the atom is to represent the drive for a science ‘miracle’ and the untapped world atomic energy could bring, but also a joke on an aspect often found in retro futuristic posters, that despite it not relating to the poster in anyway.

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