What’s the best cross stitch pattern software?

I get the question “What’s the best cross stitch pattern software?” at least a handful of times at each convention, and there are hundreds of forum posts with titles like “What cross stitch pattern software should I use?“. Well, there is no set answer. It shouldn’t surprise you that there are HUNDREDS of options out there. This article details the top used programs on PC, Mac, Online and iPad based on feefo reviews. It’s now been updated for 2017 with new discount codes.

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Best PC cross stitch pattern software:

KG Chart ($35) – 9/10

Based on 947 reviews

PC Stitch ($50) – 9/10

Based on 1024 reviews
You should also use the code “PCS11UPG” to save $30 when you buy!

WinStitch ($52) – 8/10

Based on 745 reviews

Sew and So Cross Stitch Designer ($131) – 6/10

Based on 12 reviews

MyriaCross ($50) – 6/10

Based on 374 reviews

Easy Cross ($87) – 6/10

Based on 352 reviews

DP Software Cross Stitch Pro Platinum ($182) – 5/10

Based on 47 reviews

STOIK Stitch Creator ($51) – 5/10

Based on 98 reviews

Stitch Painter ($199) – 5/10

Based on 23 reviews

HobbyWare Pattern Maker for cross-stitch ($60) – 4/10

Based on 42 reviews

StitchCraft ($144) – 3/10

Based on 22 reviews

Stitch Art Easy! (FREE) – 4/10

Based on 14 reviews

Cstitch (FREE) – 3/10

Based on 4 reviews

Best Online cross stitch pattern software:

patterncreator.com ($7.50) – 8/10

Based on 257 reviews

patternsforyou.com (FREE) – 7.5/10

Based on 1042 reviews

myphotostitch.com (FREE) – 7/10

Based on 302 reviews

StitchBoard (FREE) – 6/10

Based on 57 reviews

craftdesignonline (FREE) – 5/10

Based on 46 reviews

Pic2Pat (FREE) – 5/10

Based on 78 reviews

Best MAC cross stitch pattern software:

MacStitch ($52) – 8/10

Based on 526 reviews

Best iPad cross stitch pattern software:

Cross Stitch Saga (FREE ($4 upgrade)) – 9/10

Based on 127 reviews

StitchSketch ($8) – 7/10

Based on 59 reviews

Cross Stitch Camera ($4) – 5/10

Based on 36 reviews

Cross Stitch HD ($5) – 5/10

Based on 23 reviews

Below you’ll find a full table review made by myself with all the features:
Cross Stitch Pattern Maker Comparison Table
I’ve also created a great infographic on which is the best cross stitch pattern software for easy selection.

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    1. A really good point, I’ll add in some messages to say. The only ones that save as PDF are PCStitch, WinStitch & MacStitch.

      1. Well I did more research… I went with WinStitch and paid the extra $18.00 us for lifetime upgrades. I’m very happy with it! And now i have cross stitch on my kindle! Thank you for the wonderful blog. Very great

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