Free Pokemon Cross Stitch Pattern

Oh the Pokemon goodness!
This free epic pokemon cross stitch pattern has been created using generation 2 sprites, but it only contains the original 151 Pokemon. It was actually made by the Pokemon company too.

free epic pokemon cross stitch pattern

You can download on the links below:
Color PDF
Black & White PDF

pokemon cross stitch circle

12 thoughts on “Free Pokemon Cross Stitch Pattern

  1. Just got my Aida at Jo Anns Fabrics, no one else in my area had it big enough. Can’t wait to start

  2. there is a lot of blank squares without symbols. Are they supposed to be white? or not stitched? the pattern is awesome by the way.

  3. I’m having trouble finding aida large enough to make this. Could you point me in the right direction?

    1. If you have a Michael’s crafts near you they sell Aida that’s pretty large and if you have a coupon it’s very cheap. It’s only in white, cream and black i believe. And different sizes.

    2. check on ebay and also on heaven and earth cross stitch for larger sized xs fabrics. you may want to search on google for “aida cross stitch fabric by the yard”. happy stitching!

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