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Star Wars Cross Stitch Book

Once again, I have awesome news to tell you all! I’ve got another kit book out!

Star Wars Cross Stitch Alternative Cover

This time on Star Wars, which is sold in US, AU, UK and EU territories. Its full of cross stitch patterns from A New Hope all the way to Rogue One.

Star Wars Cross Stitch inside by rhys turton lord libidan

Star Wars Cross Stitch Cover by rhys turton lord libidanThere will be a killer review on Mr X Stitch soon, however if you’re itching for a stitching, get it on Amazon now!

I’ll be posting some of the completed peices over the next week, so keep your eyes out for them!

Mr X Stitch Exhibition in Bedford

Over the last few weeks I had been approached by Mr X Stitch to be featured in his first exhibition, in Bedford, UK. He was curating a contemporary needlework show at a pop up shop on the Bedford High Street.

The colourful exhibition in the BedPop shop featured sewn works from Bedford, and around the globe, and had pieces which range from the whimsical to thought-provoking but all display extraordinary skill with a needle and thread… Jamie (Mr X Stitch) has been working for two months gathering the pieces, some he sourced via his stitching website (, others have been submitted by the Bedford branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild.”

The Bedfordshire On Sunday

Below are a few pics from various sources:
3d pokemon on wall
cross stitch transformers in window

I’m Published!

The last two Star Trek inspired stitches were from my contributions to the Star Trek Cross Stitch book as part of the merchandice from the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness film!
Not only that but I’ve got loads of patterns in it too!
Grab yourself a copy here for $13!

Live Long and Cross-Stitch!

Ever wondered what Spock would look like on a baby’s onesie? Well, now you can see, in this fun collection of thirty cross-stitch projects made with love by Star Trek fans. If you’re looking for ideas for putting your favorite character on a tote bag or pillow—or perhaps hanging a lovely framed “Qo’noS Sweet Qo’noS” in the entryway to let everyone know that a Klingon-speaker lives here—then look no farther. Whether you’re a lifelong Trekkie or just a Starfleet cadet, you can show your Star Trek pride by decorating your home, your clothes, and your children with cross-stitched Star Trek quotes and iconic images.

Christmas Pokemon Bauble Cross Stitches 2

Title: Christmas Koffing
Date Completed: December 2012
Design: Lord Libidan & EveningEmma
Count: 14
Canvas: Plastic
Video Game: Pokemon

It’s Christmas again!
I luckily stumbled across these Koffing christmas patterns by my friend EveningEmma on Sprite Stitch. She did one with a santa hat, however, knowing my previous years Pokemon attempts, I took the christmas cake!
They also for perfectly with last years!