Free Patterns

These patterns are all free to use, just click the image and you’ll be redirected to where the pattern is.
To find more contemporary and video game cross stitch, see my gallery!

Charizard EvolutionBlastoise EvolutionVenosaur EvolutionMario CharactersZelda TrioPokemon Glyth

MewDid someone call for a plumber?BlastiosePerpetual MarioTrubbishKarmaProf OakAsh & FriendsTeam RocketAngry Birds Pig

Adventure CoreCuriosity CoreAngry CoreFact CoreIntelligence CoreMorality CoreSpace CoreWheatley Core

Portal TattooMetalgreymonKeep Calm and Continue Testing

What kind of hero are you?150 Pokemon

In some cases I do not own the source material, other people have also helped in making these patterns, thank you.
These patterns and many more can be found at Sprite Stitch, and I’m always down at the forums.