The Best Cross Stitch Calculators

A cross stitch calculator is basically a requirement for all stitchers. Sure, if you wanted you could do the maths, but who has time? And who want’s to check it three times over to make sure its right? Neh, instead, pull out the calculator.
There are a few out there now, each doing slightly different things. We’re going to roundup all the best ones in one post, with their pros and cons.

The Best – Lord Libidan’s

This post has started for a simple reason; I wasn’t happy with the ones available. So I took all the best features from all of the below calculators and combined them into one. Which we (of course) belive is the best, but we’ve also got loads of support from reddit!

Pattern Size: 

Pattern Size: 

Fabric Count: 

Each stitch covers? 

Extra fabric for border? 

Extra fabric for framing? 

 stitches wide by
 stitches high

 threads per inch

Stitched area will be: 

Stitched area will be: 

Fabric should be: 

Fabric should be: 

 inches wide  inches high

 CM wide  CM high

 inches wide  inches high

 CM wide  CM high

Use a size  cross stitch needle

Use  strands of floss for stitching

Use  strands of floss for backstitch

Cross stitch calculator created by 

Yarn Tree

yarn tree cross stitch calculator
Yarntree’s calculator has previously held the title as the best due to its extra features. It allows you to select extra aida a the sides for framing and gives you both inches and centimeters, but it also simplifies this down by just asking it you want it or not, doing all the fancy maths in the background.

crossstitch com cross stitch calculator
The original online calculator, do a lot right, however with slightly less choice than Yarntree, always comes away without fully doing the job.

Needlework Tips & Tricks

needlework tips and tricks cross stitch calculator
Barely known for anything else, needlework tips & tricks’ calculator has gained a lot of momentum due to it being more mobile compatible than the others mentioned (other than our own), however will a lot less options, tends to be a quick reference calculator to give an approximate, and not exact measurements.


123stitch cross stitch calculator
An extreamly simple calculator, 123stitch tried to link it to a sales procedure that didn’t really work out. Now it serves as the only most basic of sums, which might be better off done in your head.

5 Cross Stitch Tattoos You’ll Die For

Cross Stitch tattoos have exploded in the last few years, and no self respecting cross stitch geek would be without one. So pull up your chair, and get some inspiration from these epic stitches.

Squad Goal Squirtle Pokemon Tattoo

Not only does this have a Pokemon edge, but but mix of both cross stitch and non-cross stitch just make this an epic tattoo. Although I will say that it doesn’t follow a proper grid, so for shame on the cross stitcher who designed it!

Storm Trooper Helmet

This came out around the time of the newest Star Wars film, and not only is it a geeky indulgence, but the cross stitching is so NEAT.
cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-space invader

Two Color Sailor Tattoo

So much is right about these tattoos. Firstly they’re based on traditional sailor tattoos, but with a quirky twist. Then they have non-cross stitched elements. Then they have only 2 colours. THEN they have a funky boarder that makes them look ever so slightly 3D when wearing proper glasses. Just wow.

Cross Stitch Sampler Tattoo Sleeve

There is devotion to a cross stitch sampler, and then there is the devotion of Anich Andrew’s tattoos. Known for his bold and geometric designs, this sleeve is epic.

Rose Shoulder Tattoo

The one thing that REALLY makes this work? The needle. Just that little bit extra sets the whole piece off.

Think there’s one we missed? Give us a comment!

The Best Pokemon Cross Stitch


My favorite thing to cross stitch is Pokemon, and for good reason. Not only is it one of the best loved franchises out there, but there’s so much to choose to stitch, and so many in-jokes!
And all the sprites are perfect size to stitch (unless you do all of them at once)…

To Be The Very Best Pokemon Tattoo

Pokemon Tattoo Cross Stitch
The best like no one ever was! One day I will get this tattooed on me. You know… somewhere I can hide it so no one over the age of 30 can see it… ­čśŤ

Epic Pokemon

epic pokemon cross stitch
Well that was obvious wasn’t it? One of the best Pokemon stitches of all time, has to be the largest one known. Whilst the above picture is great at showing its size, you don’t really get a grasp of it until you see this awesome video below:

Pika Pile

pikachu pile cross stitch
How cute is this!?! All credit to HardcodeEskimoKisses who created the pattern, although the above is stitched by StitchPlease. I especially love balloon Pika’s expression.

Pokemon Home Sweet Home

Pokemon Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch
I just made this pattern available to download for free, however its been recreated by many others in slightly different styles. All Pokemon games start in your home sweet home, and this pattern only goes to glorify that!

Pokemon Badges

pokemon_kanto_badges_cross stitch_by_stitchplease
There’s only one way to be a pokemon master and that’s to collect all the badges. The above set are scaled correctly to the first season, using red/blue sprites.

Pokemon Circle

pokemon circle cross stitch
Another Pokemon stitch worth the epic tag, this circle uses recolored sprites, arranged in a circle, forming all 151 original pokemon, made from an official Pokemon image.

Ketchup Pikachu

pika ketchup cross stitch
I LOVE THIS IMAGE! One of the best scenes from the original pokemon series when they have no food, but Pikachu is hungry. Its also a great weekend project, so you might want to give it a try.

Hardest Decision

day of the tentacle cross stitch
There are many pokemon quotes; such as “are you a boy or girl?”, but this one is basically a meme in a cross stitch.

Pokemon Baubles

Christmas Pokemon Bauble Cross Stitches
These were made as a request over on the SpriteStitch forums, and are pride of place on my xmas tree every year!

3D Handheld Pokedex

3D Pokedex Cross Stitch
I know… another one of mine, but in fairness, everywhere I go on shows, everyone always asks if I’ve got it with me…

What’s the best cross stitch pattern software?

I get the question “What’s the best cross stitch pattern software?” at least a handful of times at each convention, and there are hundreds of forum posts with titles like “What cross stitch pattern software should I use?“. Well, there is no set answer. It shouldn’t surprise you that there are HUNDREDS of options out there.┬áThis article details the top used┬áprograms on PC, Mac, Online and iPad based on feefo reviews. It’s now been updated for 2017 with new discount codes.

Jump to PC
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Best PC cross stitch pattern software:

KG Chart ($35) – 9/10

Based on 947 reviews

PC Stitch ($50) – 9/10

Based on 1024 reviews
You should also use the code “PCS11UPG” to save $30 when you buy!

WinStitch ($52) – 8/10

Based on 745 reviews

Sew and So Cross Stitch Designer ($131) – 6/10

Based on 12 reviews

MyriaCross ($50) – 6/10

Based on 374 reviews

Easy Cross ($87) – 6/10

Based on 352 reviews

DP Software Cross Stitch Pro Platinum ($182) – 5/10

Based on 47 reviews

STOIK Stitch Creator ($51) – 5/10

Based on 98 reviews

Stitch Painter ($199) – 5/10

Based on 23 reviews

HobbyWare Pattern Maker for cross-stitch ($60) – 4/10

Based on 42 reviews

StitchCraft ($144) – 3/10

Based on 22 reviews

Stitch Art Easy! (FREE) – 4/10

Based on 14 reviews

Cstitch (FREE) – 3/10

Based on 4 reviews

Best Online cross stitch pattern software: ($7.50) – 8/10

Based on 257 reviews (FREE) – 7.5/10

Based on 1042 reviews (FREE) – 7/10

Based on 302 reviews

StitchBoard (FREE) – 6/10

Based on 57 reviews

craftdesignonline (FREE) – 5/10

Based on 46 reviews

Pic2Pat (FREE) – 5/10

Based on 78 reviews

Best MAC cross stitch pattern software:

MacStitch ($52) – 8/10

Based on 526 reviews

Best iPad cross stitch pattern software:

Cross Stitch Saga (FREE ($4 upgrade)) – 9/10

Based on 127 reviews

StitchSketch ($8) – 7/10

Based on 59 reviews

Cross Stitch Camera ($4) – 5/10

Based on 36 reviews

Cross Stitch HD ($5) – 5/10

Based on 23 reviews

Below you’ll find a full table review made by myself with all the features:
Cross Stitch Pattern Maker Comparison Table
I’ve also created a great infographic on which is the best cross stitch pattern software for easy selection.