Star Trek Insignia Cross Stitch

Title: Star Trek Insignia
Date Completed: November 2012
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Canvas: Black
Colours: 11
Show: Star Trek

This is another one I had to keep quiet about. One of these is in the upcoming Star Trek book, but the other one was designed by me! These were designed to go together but were thrown out last minute. I wasn’t happy about it, so stitched it anyway!

I’m Published!

The last two Star Trek inspired stitches were from my contributions to the Star Trek Cross Stitch book as part of the merchandice from the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness film!
Not only that but I’ve got loads of patterns in it too!
Grab yourself a copy here for $13!

Live Long and Cross-Stitch!

Ever wondered what Spock would look like on a baby’s onesie? Well, now you can see, in this fun collection of thirty cross-stitch projects made with love by Star Trek fans. If you’re looking for ideas for putting your favorite character on a tote bag or pillow—or perhaps hanging a lovely framed “Qo’noS Sweet Qo’noS” in the entryway to let everyone know that a Klingon-speaker lives here—then look no farther. Whether you’re a lifelong Trekkie or just a Starfleet cadet, you can show your Star Trek pride by decorating your home, your clothes, and your children with cross-stitched Star Trek quotes and iconic images.