3D Cross Stitch Pattern Spotlight

If you couldn’t tell, I love 3D cross stitch. I first dropped into the whole 3D thing with my transforming robot cross stitch, but it was afterwards that I found the person we’re featuring this week.

3D Cross Stitch Patterns By Robin’s Designs

Earth and Moon sphere cross stitches by robinsdesign (source: Etsy)

Yeh, you heard that right; instead of focusing on just one pattern this week, we’re focusing on Robin’s Design as a whole. You may have seen their work on the site before, as part of the best 3D cross stitch or maybe saw her listed as my inspiration for my Harry Potter Golden Snitch cross stitch.
Unlike anyone else I’ve been able to find in the cross stitch pattern community, Robin’s Design produces amazing, and complex 3D objects, like globes, animals, people, characters, dice and more, yet somehow always makes the patterns super easy to follow. If you haven’t already, you NEED to check out her Etsy, as frankly, it’s amazing. There are over 100 3D patterns!
This pattern was found on Etsy.

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