5 Cross Stitch Tattoos You’ll Die For

Cross Stitch tattoos have exploded in the last few years, and no self-respecting cross stitch geek would be without one. So pull up your chair, and get some inspiration from these epic stitches.

Squad Goal Squirtle Pokemon Tattoo

Not only does this have a Pokemon edge, but but mix of both cross stitch and non-cross stitch just make this an epic tattoo. Although I will say that it doesn’t follow a proper grid, so for shame on the cross stitcher who designed it!

Pokemon Squirtle Squad Cross Stitch Tattoo (source: instagram.com)

Storm Trooper Helmet

This came out around the time of the newest Star Wars film, and not only is it a geeky indulgence, but the cross stitching is so NEAT.

Storm Trooper Star Wars Cross Stitch Tattoo by Eva Krbdk (source: pinterest.com)

Two Color Sailor Tattoo

So much is right about these tattoos. Firstly they’re based on traditional sailor tattoos, but with a quirky twist. Then they have non-cross stitched elements. Then they have only 2 colours. THEN they have a funky boarder that makes them look ever so slightly 3D when wearing proper glasses. Just wow.

Traditional Cross Stitch Tattoos by Mariette (source: pinterest.com)

Cross Stitch Sampler Tattoo Sleeve

There is devotion to a cross stitch sampler, and then there is the devotion of Anich Andrew’s tattoos. Known for his bold and geometric designs, this sleeve is epic.

Cross Stitch Sampler Tattoo Sleave by Anich Andrew (source: instagram)

Rose Shoulder Tattoo

The one thing that REALLY makes this work? The needle. Just that little bit extra sets the whole piece off.

Cross Stitch Shoulder Rose Tattoo by Tattoodo (source: pinterest.com)

Think there’s one we missed? Give us a comment!

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  1. Confuzzled Bev

    I love the rose! The needle just makes it.