5 Sherlock Holmes Cross Stitches to Get You Into Sherlock Fever

We’ve been waiting a while, but on new years day we have the first of the new series of Sherlock. So to get everyone in the Sherlock-y spirit here are my personal top 5 Holmes cross stitches!

Sherlock Holmes Baker Street Cross Stitch (source: Etsy)

sherlock inconvenient gif (source: giphy)

I remember in the books laughing silly at this moment, and its oh so similar font to the show…

Sherlock Little Brains Cross Stitch (source: google images)

I think the size of the piece only goes to show just how far Sherlock is from the regular human. He has a long way to come…

Sherlock Silhouette Cross Stitch by sewingforgirls (source: sewingforgirls.blogspot.com)

sherlock fascinating narrative gif (source: giphy)

He makes everyone feel so small. And this classic stitch works wonders by showing just how majestic he is.

Sherlock Cross Stitch by Melefim (source: google images)

The classic phrase (even though its constantly misquoted) makes the perfect sampler with Cumberbatch himself.

Sherlock Not a Psychopath Cross Stitch Pattern by GeekyStitches (source: Etsy)

sherlock psychopath gif (source: giphy)

You can get this awesome one as a pattern from GeekyStitches Etsy store.

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