53 Free Cross Stitch Alphabets

Sometimes you just don’t like working on a cross stitch pattern, or maybe you want to design a pattern of your own. So we’ve combined over 50 free cross stitch fonts and alphabets for you to download and use for free. Patterns increase in size as they go down the page. Just click the image to get a higher resolution version.
Most include upper case, lower case and numbers.
These alphabet patterns are provided for free private use. They can be used for any private pattern, however if you wish to use in a commercial setting, please contact me to ask permission (they’re free for commercial use too).
You can get all the below fonts for use in WinStitch/MacStitch now!

5 stitches high

6 stitches high

7 stitches high

8 stitches high

9 stitches high

10 stitches high

11 stitches high

12 stitches high

15 stitches high

16 stitches high

These alphabet patterns are provided for free and are under a creative commons BY-NC-SA copyright.

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  1. Carol

    What height stitch is most common for Aida 14? I have poem I want to crossstitch..

    1. LordLibidan

      Normally 7 to 14.
      Depending on how big the poem is, I would go for the smaller end of the scale.

  2. Val Marshall

    Thank you! This is by far THE clearest and most helpful collection of lettering charts I have encountered on Pinterest, although I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for.
    Many of the other pins are more than useless.

  3. kiki

    are these downloadable? I’m sorry I dont see how to download them. Maybe user error on my part thanks for this and for the help

    1. LordLibidan

      You should be able to click them and get a larger view. You can then download these images if you want.

      1. dave keenan

        These are great…but they are no longer downloading…pls try a few like 15 stitch & 12 stitch. Thanks ….. dave

      2. LordLibidan

        Hey Dave,
        Everything looks OK to us. We’re heard this before though, and it’s probably your browser settings. Try right clicking and selecting “download” (actual words may vary depending on what browser you’re using).

      3. Cynthia

        You can right click and choose “Save image as…”

  4. Debbie Skeil

    This is a brilliant resource. Thank you so much.
    May I offer some advice about your license wording for people using them. You probably want to choose one of the creative commons licenses that will allow you to say they can use it with restrictions. I think the “not copyright” may be mistaken for public domain which means you can use if for anything and change it etc. We had to look into all this when looking to find pictures to use with people who cannot speak.
    ps have linked to your site and used on of the pics to show what they will find – saying it comes from your site. please say if this should be changed/removed etc.
    Thank you once again!

    1. LordLibidan

      Hi Debbie,
      That’s a super helpful comment. thank you. I’ve updated the text inline with one of the creative commons licenses, and you are welcome to provide a link on your site!

  5. Marge Prewitt

    THANKS so much for these great charts. Want to make Quilt as You Go Christmas stockings for my 6 great grandchildren and will make the cuff of the stockings with Aida cloth and one of these charts. I had a pamphlet but the only one I liked was the letters from a specific title that only had part of the alphabet. The 16 stitch chart is exactly what I need. You are a lifesaver for sure!