7 Signs you’re addicted to cross stitch

So you like cross stitch, and it has it’s health benefits, but are you addicted?

addicted to cross stitch

Your fingers are always twitching to itch

That’s how it starts, that’s how it gets you. The first thing you know you sit there at work, or in the super marketing, and you just wanna get back home to stitch something up.

You cancel 90% of social meetings just to stay home and stitch

And that’s when the read addiction sets in. Do you really want to go to the bar with your friends, pretend to follow the game and be absolutely knackered tomorrow? Or should you just cancel it like all the others and sit at home in the warm with a nice brew and your cross stitch?

You can’t go to a gallery without wanting to turn art into cross stitches

Previously that painting looked nice. Now it NEEDS to be turned into cross stitch. I mean, that’s the perfect medium. I mean why did the artist even choose paint to start with. For that matter who is this Picasso guy?

You have at least 2 stitches on the go at once and at least 5 patterns bubbling around your head

Oh, but it isn’t just art that isn’t safe. No, its EVERYTHING. There have to be at least 2 projects on the go, at least 5 patterns in your head, and a whole raft of paper or a journal with even more… I just can’t find enough hours in the day…

you no longer count projects in hours, but in days

On that point, no longer was a project 24 hours. Now its counted in days. Maybe even weeks…

Any time anyone mentions any type of textile your name is ALWAYS mentioned

You don’t even have to be around anymore. People are aiding your addiction. Any time anyone mentions textiles, art, embroidery your name pops up. Bonus points for being able to detect when it’s happening from across the office.

No nerves in your fingers

The ultimate sign of cross stitch addition. You have basically no nerves in your fingers anymore. There are needle marks under your nails. You’re a wreck. You need help… Or maybe you should try out that awesome half stitch idea you’ve been thinking about…

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  1. Cindy Jo

    Just 2 projects? You are a lightweight.

    1. LordLibidan

      Never been a truer comment! My current WIP pile is 14 projects high! 😀