8 Cross Stitch Must Haves

Following on from our post a few weeks ago about the best cross stitch frame I’ve had a load of discussions on the best tools for cross stitch. So here are my suggestions for the 8 cross stitch must-haves every stitcher should have!

1 – Thread Shade Chart

We have a copy of the DMC shade card on our site to see at any time, however, there is nothing quite like a real chart, with thread samples. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve checked color and found it was too red, or too green and so changed it for a better one. Whilst a lot of cross stitch pattern software does a great job, there’s nothing quite like the human eye.
They cost about $20 for one with thread samples, and are definitely the one thing I would suggest EVERY stitcher gets.

DMC Thread shade card with new colors with logo by Lord Libidan
DMC Thread shade card with new colors with logo by Lord Libidan

2 – All The Threads!

My full set of DMC threads ordered by number

The only thing better than owning a thread shade card is owning the threads themselves. I always kept using the threads I had on hand, and until I got the whole set, I didn’t realize just how much I was making compromises; my colors have definitely got better. You can see how much a full set of DMC threads has helped us with our blog post about our journey to a complete set of cross stitch threads.
Not the cheapest thing in the world, wait until you can buy a whole set in one go on an offer. The price can drop from $450 to $200. Just don’t be tempted by those cheap Chinese deals to see on ebay.

3 – Thread Cutterz

Thread Cutterz (source: threadcutterz.com)

We recently posted about taking cross stitch on planes and public transport, and loved the thread cutterz for their ability to take them on international flights, however, they’re just damn handy anyway.
Far easier than scissors, they can be the quick cut you need that’s simply attached to the back of your finger like a ring. They’re safe around kids and pets and are ready to go whenever you need them!
They retail for $12 – $15 but can only be brought from ThreadCutterz themselves.

4 – Great Cross Stitch Software

PCStitch Cross Stitch Software (source: PCStitch.com)

Sure, cross stitch pattern software isn’t a glamorous item and doesn’t seem like a must-have either, however, if you use a free online one, or work patterns out on paper, you REALLY need to update it as the paid pattern software available makes creating really high quality patterns a breeze.
And if you’re struggling through with your current option, its probably time to update to a better one.
We have a super post on which is the best cross stitch pattern software, and they can vary in price from a few dollars to $200 (but our top picks are around $30 – $50).

5 – Funny Needle Keeps

Charizard Needle Keeper by MyWifesAVelociraptor (source: Etsy)

No one really NEEDS a needle minder, but if you have all the right tools, sometimes you need a little fun.
Needle keepers just hold your needle whilst you’re not stitching meaning no more dropped needles. They sit on your work, so you should look for a lightweight one, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring either! With literally thousands of designs on Etsy alone, you’ll be able to find a perfect needle minder for you.
The image is a 3D printed charizard for $6, which is about the going rate.

6 – Magazine Subscriptions

CrossStitcher Magazine Cover Issue 317 (source: crossstitchermag.co.uk)

Magazines are fantastic for giving you patterns, giving you inspiration, finding out about all the new products, and reading up on all the happenings of the cross stitch community.

There is frankly a shocking amount out there right now from modern to traditional and everything in between, so find the one for you and get a subscription to keep up with what’s happening.
There have been some cross stitch magazines shut down recently, but this has allowed lots of smaller magazines to rise up in their ashes, offering a more personalised and higher quality offering.

Prices vary, but are normally $20-$60 a year. We’ve reviewed the biggest cross stitch magazines to help you pick out the one you like the most.

7 – The Perfect Frame

Easy Clip Cross Stitch Frame (source: amazon)

There’s nothing worse in cross stitch than Repetitive Strain Injury. It normally happens as a result of having to hold frames, so it’s no wonder that one of the best things you can get is a good frame. They vary in price from $2 to $30 depending on a lot of factors. We’ve made a post about the perfect cross stitch frame to help you pick.

8 – A Good Pair Of Scissors

Cross Stitch Japanese Style Scissors (source: ebay)

I personally use a pair of Fiskars scissors, but I know many people prefer snip style scissors like the image, however, there is one thing everyone agrees on, and that’s that some scissors just fit your hand better than others. As a cross stitcher you’re going to spend a lot of time with your hands in a pair, so make sure they’re the best ones for you. I would suggest specific thread or fishing line scissors, as they are sharper and have a small “snip” area. Also, make sure to only use them for thread; scissors get blunt really easily.

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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Sophie

    for anyone with pets – lint rollers are an absolute essential

  2. Christine Manton

    The best addition to the above mentioned items is a Disney character which has a large plastic ring on it that you can open and close (to be honest a shower curtain ring) which I put all my DMC plastic thread holders onto thus never losing any, no tangles and easily accessed. I am the envy of many a stitcher!
    The children were taken to MacDonald’s or Hungry Jacks maybe 25 yrs ago by their Grandmother and to this day I use them (I have two) and even though they are plastic they are as perfect as the day I repurposed them. Please email me if you would like a picture.
    Cheers Christine

  3. Gigi

    I love your blogs! I’m so jealous of the stitchers that have ALL the colors! 😀