Crop Circle Embroidery by Tom Katsumi (Source: instagram)

Everyone Needs A Favorite Cross Stitcher

This post was originally in XStitch Magazine Issue 14: Mixtape 3, and has been adapted. Vincent van Gogh is one of the most revered artists in the world thanks to his post-impressionist paintings, and with that comes an admiration that has resulted in his artwork and himself being considered to be some of the most…

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DMC's new gem inspired aida (Source:

DMC’s New Printed Aida – A Future Trend?

The DMC company love a seasonal product! From themed thread packs, to seasonal bundles. But they tend to be only that; bundles and packs. However, this year DMC are doing something new; they're launching new products. And they're focusing on fabric. And mostly printed fabric.   If you're not aware, you can actually print on…

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