3D Printed Button Cufflinks

Title: Button Cross Stitch Cufflinks
Date Completed: July 2014
Design: Lord Libidan
A combination of things led me to this point. After the Adventure Time pendants, the fifth element key and tie bars I finally feel I’ve got to grips with 3D printing. My end goal finally complete, I decided to start my project goal; a pair of daily cufflinks that would last.
I don’t mind saying that designing these didn’t go smoothly, in fact there were more than a few issues. I had to get them replaced twice as the shells weren’t closed (my fault) and once due to faulty printing, however eventually they were finished.
As for the design, I knew I wanted to make a pair of cufflinks that reflected my cross stitch routes, whilst still being professional as possible. I had seen some button cufflinks made by Links of London a few years back, and whilst the stitching was also metal, I decided this would be a great little nod to cross stitch. I made them in high polished nickel steel and then used embroidery thread to create the center cross.
Update: 4 years after first creating these button cufflinks I’m glad to say that not only do I still use them, but out of the 20 pairs I have, they’re still my favorite. I’ve sold quite a few on my store, I’ve been complimented on them, and recently someone saw them and I got a 3D printing commission as a result.
I also created some color changing tie bars, which I use on a daily basis too!

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