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Pokemon Squirtle Squad Cross Stitch Tattoo (source:

5 Cross Stitch Tattoos You’ll Die For

Cross Stitch tattoos have exploded in the last few years, and no self-respecting cross stitch geek would be without one. So pull up your chair, and get some inspiration from these epic stitches. Squad Goal Squirtle Pokemon Tattoo Not only does this have a Pokemon edge, but but mix of both cross stitch and non-cross…

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Pokemon Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan

The Best Pokemon Cross Stitch

Pokemon! My favorite thing to cross stitch is Pokemon and for good reason. Not only is it one of the best-loved franchises out there, but there's so much to choose to stitch, and so many in-jokes! And all the sprites are the perfect size to stitch (unless you do all of them at once)... To…

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Game of Thrones Pokemon Cross Stitch by Beki710 (source:

Top 10 Video Game Cross Stitch

Video game cross stitch is my thing (along with geeky cross stitch), however there are a lot of examples of fantastic art out there, so here are my top 10: 1 - Mario Power Ups One of the first ever 'epic' video game cross stitch patterns made by psi169 but stitched by many of the…

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Lord Of The Rings Mines of Moria Cross Stitch by Jamie Sesslin (source:

The Best Geeky Cross Stitch

Cross stitch is inherently geeky, however with more and more people releasing their inner geek; we've had some epic cross stitches. Star Trek Sampler Star Trek has long been in the realm of geeks, but with recent movies its become more and more popular, however its still firmly geeky. This sampler shows everything geeky about…

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