Child’s Play Charity Quilt Dig Dug Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan

childs play charity auction cross stitch quilt 2011 (source:
childs play charity auction cross stitch quilt 2011 (source:

Title: Child’s Play Charity Quilt
Date Completed: May 2011
Design: Sprite Stitch
Count: 16
Video Games: Dig Dug, Phantasy Star, Legend Of Zelda, Earthbound, Final Fantasy VI, VIII & X, Plants vs Zombies, Kirby’s Adventure, Super Mario World, Dr. Mario, and Shining Force
It’s rare to be able to cross stitch something for charity, and so when someone on the Sprite Stitch forums offered the chance to do so, I jumped at it. Whilst I completed my Dig-Dug Charity Square Cross Stitch, unlike any other cross stitch I’ve done, that was only part of its journey. It went on to become part of a different thing; specifically a quilt.
A member of the cross stitch forum stitched each of the 20 cross stitched panels into a throw quilt, and sent it off to be auctioned a the Child’s Play Charity. This charity purchases and maintains play equipment, and especially video games, in children’s hospitals all over the world to bring joy to the lives of children that aren’t able to be at home.
Most of us thought it would only go for a small value, but the throw ended up going for over $2000!
childs play charity auction cross stitch quilt 2011 (source:

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