Cross Stitch Crazy & Cross Stitch Gold Magazines To Shut

Since March both the Cross Stitch Crazy magazine and Cross Stitch gold magazine, both rating highly on our cross stitch magazines review, have been on pause due to the recent stay at home events. However, their owner Immediate Media has now announced plans to close 12 magazines, including those titles.
We first heard about the possible plans back in July, however independent sources within the company have now confirmed that positions are being made redundant and the last issues will be 268 (Cross Stitch Crazy) and 162 (Cross Stitch Gold).
The cancellation of some of the best-known magazines in the cross stitch area is estimated to impact roughly 28,000 users, with Cross Stitch Crazy having a readership of 24,400. Redundancies were made on Friday 7th August, and no official announcement has been made to either readership.

In the last few years, we’ve also seen the likes of F&W Media collapse, the owner of The Cross Stitcher, however, this allowed a new owner to come in and take control of production. We’ve learned that this will not be the case with either magazine owned by Immediate Media and they are looking to close them permanently.
The publisher has said that “In order to the protect the long-term future of Immediate we have embarked on a cost-saving project across the business, which unfortunately will include some redundancies and the closure of some brands in our craft and homes portfolio and the phased closure of some of our youth and children’s titles.”
Press Gazette Press Release
Immediate Media former employees
Immediate Media Website

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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Georgette

    This is extremely sad. I hope they see their way back into production.

  2. Gail Ward

    Would love to have them back I think crosstitcher has gone down hill over the recent months but always looked forward to these 2 mags

  3. Karri

    What a very sad turn of events. I love both of these magazines and looked forward to them each and every month. Why is there only two comments on this? Where is the people who say they love these magazines? Why are not more upset over this. I want to cry for sure! PLEASE! Bring them back!!

  4. Mrs. Diane Wenzel

    Oh what a sad and depressing day. PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK THESE 2 BELOVED MAGAZINES. tHE WORLD IS SUCH A MIXED UP AND SAD PLACE NOW. CROSS STITCHING IS WHAT HAS ALLOWED ME AND MY 3 DAUGHTERS TO SURVIVE THIS WORLDWIDE CRISIS!! Please bring it back. Looktowards the future. Maybe 2022??? We ladies all love the designs and patterns and its really my ARTWORK!! All 4 of us stitch from each issue every month. Please bring it back. Sincerely, Mrs. Diane Wenzel, New York, USA

  5. Vince Kelly

    Going to miss Cross Stitch GOLD