Cross Stitch Cufflinks

As the Lord of cross stitch, its no wonder I wear cufflinks, but I feel all the manbroiderers and partners of cross stitchers should hold up the flag more often! Cufflinks are a great way to do this, but also pose quite a challenge to make in themselves.

The first pair featuring characters from the Cave Story video game, are fantastic examples of super tiny cross stitching; these are 42 count! By Benjibot

cave story cross stitch cufflinks by benjibot (source: pinterest)
cave story cross stitch cufflinks by benjibot (source: pinterest)

Alternatively you could lower the count and make something like these awesome Just Dance cross stitch cufflinks to show off that you can break into spontanious dance moves as soon as the suit is off.
just dance video game cross stitch cufflinks (source: pinterest)

If video games aren’t your thing, you can always use them to monogram your shirts on the cheap. These linen based cross stitch cufflinks ooze class.
monogramed cross stitch cufflinks by skrynka (source: etsy)

Or, if you want hard wearing, how about resin filling a pair, like these from craftster?
pacman cross stitch cufflinks by cloverlilly (source:

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  1. Shannon Chong Shu Yi

    Hey may I know where do you get your cufflinks hardware and how you get ur stitched up artwork into them? Do you have any patterns that I can consider doing?