Cross Stitcher Magazine Review

On our series covering the best cross stitch magazines we review the more modern cross stitch magazine, CrossStitcher.
To do this review we’ve compiled a series of reviews from industry leaders, as well as feefo reviews and at least a year of continuous subscription to the mag.
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As the main competitor to The World Of Cross Stitching magazine, the CrossStitcher takes a different angle to the world of cross stitch, with a much more modern take. The patterns are modern and feature unique ways of finishing stitches, framing, and witty new takes, which allows it to be the main cross stitch magazine for the younger and more modern crowd. They tend to vary patterns inside from 60-90 equally spaced between small, medium, and large patterns. Unlike many other magazines, they tend to advertise using actual content, suggesting a site to get a frame, etc instead of full-page adverts.

If you like very modern and contemporary designs then that’s probably your best bet. They use lots of bright, bold colours, fun finishing ideas etc

reddit (/r/crossstitch)

They are also well known for the free stuff you get, allowing you to at least complete 2 patterns each issue with the freebies provided, although it should be noted the freebies aren’t the highest quality. Its by far the cheapest magazine on offer at the moment, and there are no high fees to pay for postage, especially so with the digital versions.

The ability to be modern and constantly on the cutting edge is how the patterns are sourced; they ask big players in the cross stitch field such as MrXStitch, Maria Diaz, flossandmischief, Jacqui P, Emily Peacock, and Jane Greenoff (founder of the Cross Stitch Guild) to supply patterns.

$2 – $6 per month; digital and print

Loads of patterns
Lots of mainstream patterns
Large readership
Not many modern patterns
Expensive outside of the UK
Not many freebies

Score: 9.4/10
16421 reviews on feefo

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Betty Wetnight

    I would love to be able to subscribe to the cross stitcher magazine. Please tell me how much it would cost and how to go about subscribing. I am from the United States.

    1. LordLibidan

      Hey! We’re not related to the Cross Stitcher magazine, so wouldn’t be able to advise on costs or anything, but if you want to subscribe I’d suggest looking at as they do subscriptions all over the world.

  2. Marina Michaels

    Thank you so much for your reviews of cross-stitch magazines. My daughter and I have recently picked up cross-stitching after a hiatus of a number of years. We’ve discovered that you can get many lovely, lovely patterns from various websites, often for free, as well as many sellers on Etsy.

  3. Horton

    I live in the USA and find that the best cross stitch magazines are from the UK. The problem is the UK cross stitch magazines are too expensive.I was getting the only US cross stitch magazine, but have decided not to renew because of my lack of interest in the patterns. After talking to many cross stitchers they seem to agree and only wished the UK magazines were not so costly.

    1. LordLibidan

      I agree. Sending magazines internationally seem to have a massively high cost. Thankfully many do a digital only subscription, including the CrossStitcher which helps things. I think their’s is $2 per magazine.

    2. Cheryl Lemon

      I agree. The most interesting cross stitch magazines aren’t in the U.S. and are too expensive to afford them. So disappointing! I know it would cost more to mail but still the cost is too high to validate the purchase price. I know I would subscribe if it were reasonably priced.

  4. Mary

    Hi, I tried your link to the biggest cross stitching magazines and it’s no longer there, I was disappointed as I knew you would have a detailed review. I do not get any cross stitch magazine as they are not readily avail in stores here, do you have a suggestion for a less contemporary magazine? Mary @ stitchingfriendsforever

    1. LordLibidan

      Oh, I’m sorry, the round-up of the best cross stitch magazines will do up on Tuesday. However based on your website and the type of cross stitch you do I would suggest looking into CrossStitch Gold, which you can get here. I’ll have a review up soon for it too 😀