Lord Libidan

Custom Handmade Lightsaber

Title: Custom Lightsaber
Date Completed: February 2014
Design: Lord Libidan
Film: Star Wars
I finally got paid for my Star Trek cross stitch book and wondered what I should spend my money on. A few of my friends have been making props recently, and following a visit to Japan I’ve been interested in swords. The link between a katana and the lightsaber played on my mind, and so I thought about buying a custom milled lightsaber. However, I figured before I dropped $400 on a toy, I would try making my own first.
Its made using a few PVC pipes, a few fittings, a light up button, and inside is some electronics. I wrapped part of the handle with a katana wrap I got in Japan. The whole thing is 12 inches long and cost about $30 in materials. I also added a fake blade in photoshop following the build.