Dinosaur Cross Stitch Pattern Spotlight

For this weeks cross stitch pattern spotlight we have a double feature. I really struggled on picking which one of these patterns to go with, so went with both!

Dinosaur Cross Stitch Patterns By SongThread

TRex Cross Stitch Pattern by SongThread (Source: Etsy)

Triceratops Cross Stitch Pattern by SongThread (Source: Etsy)

This weeks theme, is dinosaurs. Whilst you can find a whole load of Jurassic Park inspired cross stitch patterns online, its rare to see a skeleton. Mostly, this is down to how dang hard they are to turn into patterns. However SongThread has not only managed to make super accurate dino skeletons, but put a whole load of fun into them with the addition of a crazy cat. Whilst I’m a self confessed dog fan, these are just too good to pass up.
This pattern was found on Etsy.

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  1. Song Thread

    Thanks for the feature!!! Love your blog!

  2. Grrlrocks

    Too cool for school!!! 🙂