DMC Variation Threads and their Corresponding Colors in Solids

The DMC variation range of threads are some of the most exciting threads DMC have produced to date, but sometimes having the colors change on their own really gets in the way. So we’ve broken out the current range with their corresponding solid colors, so you can keep stitching with the color you want, without breaking the over all look.

DMC Threads Variations Breakout 1of2 by Lord Libidan
DMC Threads Variations Breakout 1of2 by Lord Libidan

DMC Threads Variations Breakout 2of2 by Lord Libidan

If you’re thinking “but the number I want isn’t on the list!”, don’t worry! You’ve probably got one of the discontinued variation threads, which we’ve also broken out for you!
Looking for the DMC variegated range broken out or possibly the DMC Coloris threads broken out. We got you covered.

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  1. stacy

    Even with the discontinued list… Still can’t find 4010 Winter Sky.

    1. LordLibidan

      Hi Stacy,
      I’m afraid we don’t have all of the variation threads broken down just yet, although we are looking into filling in the gaps soon.

  2. vviolet

    Do you have the breakout for the new color variation collection?

      1. vviolet

        Sorry, I think I may not have stated it clear enough.. I was asking about the new color variation collection with numbers like 4010, 4040, 4211, 4214, 4250.. etc. Do you have breakdown for those?

      2. LordLibidan

        Oh! Those aren’t new threads. In 2016 in the US DMC put packs together of variation threads, which include some current stock and some stock that are no longer in production. These were sent around the world by resellers so you can find them outside of the US too. However big box stores have recently picked old stock up which is why people are seeing more of them at the moment.
        You should be able to find current threads like 4040 on this page. 4211, 4214, 4250, etc can be found on our breakdown of discontinued variation threads.

      3. vviolet

        I see.. Thanks for your explanation!