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Selling the cross stitch patterns you’ve created is one way of the best ways to get money for your hobby. With years of past experience and success, we’ve worked together to offer a FREE guide to help anyone that needs it called “The Ultimate Guide To Selling Cross Stitch Patterns Online”.
The guide has been created over the last 6 years by three cross stitch pattern sellers on Etsy, with the specific focus on selling cross stitch. Unlike other guides on the internet we’ve made sure that every word is valuable to you. This includes over 40 tips from other Etsy stores, setting up your own store, checklists, examples, best practices, copyright issues, creating patterns, marketing, advertising, and much more.
the ultimate guide to selling cross stitch patterns on etsy

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The guide is beginner friendly and covers everything you need to know selling on Etsy, from the very basics to the most effective SEO techniques. Here are a few topics from the book:
What it includes

Why Etsy?
How much time does it take?
How much does it cost?
How much can you earn?
Creating a brand
Setting up a store
Make a pattern
List an item
Future Designs
Ongoing actions
Future Development
Issues you might have
Etsy seller tools
Tips from Etsy store owners
Quick answers
Checklist for opening a store
Checklist for each new item
Item description example

This is everything you’ve ever needed if you were thinking of setting up an online store to sell cross stitch patterns. Just throw your email in below (just to stop those pesky robots) and download your free 35 page guide.

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Were you looking for a quick guide on selling cross stitch online? Or maybe you want to know why your cross stitch isn’t selling online.

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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Nora U. Sales

    How can i sell or where to sell my crosssticth finish item?

    1. LordLibidan

      You can sell them anywhere really, but a craft website works better.
      Something like Etsy or Ebay.

  2. Swayby

    I found the link in your comment. Thanks

  3. Briana

    Hello, I keep getting an error message when trying to submit my email to download the guide. Is there anything I can do?

    1. LordLibidan

      You don’t have to add your email to download, you can just hit the “download link” and it should automatically download!