3D Printed Fifth Element Key

Title: Open Hole Tie Clips
Date Completed: July 2014
Design: Lord Libidan
Movie: Fifth Element
Not only have I adored the Fifth Element as a film (100% the best film EVER), but I’ve always wanted to show it by making a prop from the film. In the past I’d considered making the stones, or even trying to recreate a Mangalorian head, but after a recent watch I realised there was one prop I was over looking; the fifth element key.
Following the success of my 3D printed Adventure Time golden Finn sword, and demon sword I decided I’d give 3D printing another try. I initially had planned this to be just as simple as the swords, however as I started to model the key, I realised the scales weren’t right, and so had to change my material, print times, and complexity.
It’s as accurate as possible to the real version, based on scaling from the original prop.

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