FOR SCIENCE! The Best Science Cross Stitch

Sassy cross stitch? Cute cross stitch? Surprising cross stitch? NSFW cross stitch? These are all fairly common things we’ve covered before on this blog, but there is a larger and larger community of stitchers looking to teach as they stitch. Today, we look at the best science cross stitch!


Just…wow. This awesome stitch was found when someone asked a question online about distribution. Turns out we should all be thinking about the Central Limit Theorem.

Central Limit Theorem cross stitch by Greg Snow (source: Google plus)

Brain Surgery!

Cross stitching artist Lada Dedic created this awesome self portrait of her brain scan in 2010., Whilst initially it looks cool, you can really get a good grasp of anatomy thanks to its realistic design.

Lada Dedic – Self Portrait, Artist’s Brain (2010) in Cross Stitch (source: mrxstitch)


OK, this one was slightly a harder to categorise, but look at how awesome these trilobite stitches are! Trilobites you ask? They are a fossil group of extinct marine arachnomorph arthropods. See, you’re learning already!

trilobite cross stitch by adventures in stitching (source: Etsy)


There are actually a lot of space based cross stitches out there, but by far my favorite is this sun one by Climbing Goat Designs. Mostly due to its super realistic sun design, something you don’t see often. I’m in love with the soar flare.

solar system by climbinggoatdesigns (source: Etsy)


I know, we already had brain surgery, so why neuroscience? Well, it had science in the title… In reality these stitches by Alicia Watkins cover everything from diseases to coffee.

neuron cross stitch by aliciawatkins (source: Etsy)

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  1. Lada Dedic

    Thank you so much for featuring my work! Any readers currently in Sydney can come along to see the full Self Portrait; Artist’s Brainseries currently on exhibition at M Contemporaray until April 29.
    If you’re not in Sydney head to my Instagram @studiolada if you’d like to see the work, I’m Particularly proud of the one nicknamed ‘Big Red’ which is a cross stitch of my brain with is 2 x 1.5 meters.

  2. xinef82

    Tracy Horner of Ink Circles has done a number of science-based patterns.