Framing Cross Stitch With Francy Frames…

So you’ve finished your cross stitch; great. However, depending on who you are, the next bit might fill you with joy, or fill you with dread. Do you frame it?
This is a question we ask ourselves every time we finish a cross stitch, and depending on your opinions of framing cross stitch, the options are basically frame or don’t frame. But that’s not exactly true. In fact, there are a whole bunch of different ways you can frame your cross stitch, without the boring square you might be thinking…

We’ll start with one of the most simple methods. Out there, mostly on Etsy, there are specific frames made for cross stitch. They do make framing cross stitch simple thanks to how they’re made, but the real selling point is actually that they aren’t what you expect.

Autumn Cross Stitch in Wooden Cross Stitch Frame (Source: Etsy StitchLifeStudio)

They do have some really nice circle frames in a variety of finishes, but they also have different ones, like hexagons, flowers, or even mandalas!

Hoop It Up

But what if you’re a hoop purist? We’ve got you covered!

Decorate Your Own

Our first port of call would be decorating your own hoop as it gives you so much more freedom to do as you want. You can paint them, cover them in fabric, use washi tape, or pretty much anything! In fact, there are so many opinions we have to write a guide on how to decorate cross stitch hoops!

Washi Tape Embroidery Hoop by sewpinata (Source: Instagram)

Unique Hoops

Don’t fancy decorating your hoop? Well, you can buy pre-decorated hoops, unusual shapes, and even hoops that are made to be used to stitch your work, and frame it without having to remove it from the hoop!

Make It Fine Art

Still, nothing standing out? Well how about bringing a little bit of class to your cross stitch by framing it on canvas?
Framing cross stitch on canvas is actually super simple, and unlike a normal frame the canvas method is super cheap, but super unique. You can also stand your work up on its own, or on an easel for a different look!

Finished cross stitch mounted to canvas on display (Source:


Think Outside The Frame

But don’t just think about frames. What about a wall hanging instead? By putting your work up as a hanging, it gives the work a little bit of movement when you pass it, adding to the effect.
Caterpillar Cross Stitch has a great video on how to hang your cross stitch if you want to do this!

Deck The Halls Cross Stitch by Caterpillar Cross Stitch Wall Hanging (Source: Caterpillar Cross Stitch)

What unique ways have your framed your cross stitch? We’d love to add to the list, so drop us a note below!
Happy stitching!
Lord Libidan

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