Free Epic Pokemon All Generations Cross Stitch Pattern

epic pokemon all generations cross stitch
This is the big one. The most outrageous and insanely huge pattern I’ve found anywhere on the internet. It’s a combination of the first 5 generations of Pokemon, using generation 5 sprites. It’s basically a combination of the separate 5 epic pokemon generations cross stitch patterns we posted last week.
It’s a massive 798,000 stitches, with the finished piece well over a meter wide and tall on 14 count (almost 1.5m x 2m). If you attempt it, I salute you!
Stitch Count: 798w x 1000h
Finished Size: 57″ x 71.5″ or 145cm x 182cm (14ct)
Number of colors: 234 (DMC)

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A few people have requested both color and black and white versions of the pattern. I’m working of this currently, however due to its size the program keeps crashing… :/

Lastly, the only person so far that is still stitching the pattern is samarin6 who last gave us the below update back in 2015, with just over 25% of the pattern complete; 3 years in.
pokemon epic all generations cross stitch by samarin6
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8 thoughts on “Free Epic Pokemon All Generations Cross Stitch Pattern

  1. LordLibidan, I just wanted to say thank you for just given the stitch counts. I have learned a lot and have yet to learn more. Didn’t know that there are questions when choosing the fabric, your stitching style and many other things. Once I figured that it’s a learning process, the list I’ve made of how much thread I would need fell into place. Something of this size has to be given time to kit up. Keep up the work of making charts. Thank you.

    1. It mostly depends on what country you’re from. I know the best place to start is in craft stores; usually they hold larger pieces than most online retailers offer.

  2. I’m very interested in doing this project. I downloaded a color chart for the right side top and right side bottom. And I also downloaded the b & w charts as well. Are any of the chart sets complete?

  3. Hi..each pattern section comes with it’s own floss listing. Is there a floss list available for the complete project ordered by floss number?

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