Free Epic Pokemon All Generations Cross Stitch Pattern – Updated

epic pokemon all generations cross stitch
This is the big one. The most outrageous and insanely huge pattern I’ve found anywhere on the internet. It’s a combination of the first 5 generations of Pokemon, using generation 5 sprites. It’s basically a combination of the separate 5 epic pokemon generations cross stitch patterns we posted last week.
It’s a massive 798,000 stitches, with the finished piece well over a meter wide and tall on 14 count (almost 1.5m x 2m). If you attempt it, I salute you!
Stitch Count: 798w x 1000h
Finished Size: 57″ x 71.5″ or 145cm x 182cm (14ct)
Number of colors: 234 (DMC)

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Download top right pattern
Download top left pattern
Download bottom right pattern
Download bottom left pattern

Black and White

Download top right pattern
Download top left pattern
Download bottom right pattern
Download bottom left pattern

A few people have requested both color and black and white versions of the pattern. I’m working of this currently, however due to its size the program keeps crashing… :/

Thinking of tackling this epic cross stitch? We have some great guides like where to find super large aida, how to tackle epic cross stitches, cross stitch gridding techniques and how to keep up motivation when tackling epic cross stitches.
Lastly, we have a few updates from people still stitching the pattern. The first is Stitched_Pixels who gave us the below update back in 2018, with just over 45% of the pattern complete; 8 years in. You can follow her progress on her flosstube.
pokemon epic all generations cross stitch by samarin6 (source:
pokemon epic all generations cross stitch by samarin6 (source:

A more recent update from Sophie Greene, at about 40% from 2020 is stitched in a different way, but really shows how big it will be. Stitched on 25 count, 1 over 1.
All Generations Epic Pokemon Cross Stitch by Sophie Greene
All Generations Epic Pokemon Cross Stitch by Sophie Greene

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109 thoughts on “Free Epic Pokemon All Generations Cross Stitch Pattern – Updated

  1. Oh my god, this has ruined me, I think this is my next project, oh god. Thank you but also not haha

  2. Thank you for all your work with this one. I know there are more generations but up to gen 5 are truly the best (don’t get me started on Klefki…)

    I’m about 1/8th of the way through and everyone who sees it thinks it’s awesome, total credit to your awesomeness! So basically, thanks for the help with the patterns and thanks for creating this masterpiece

  3. Do you happen to have the older black and white patterns? I downloaded about three (ish) years ago and my first section (the top left) has 71 pieces compared to the 61 of this one. I have the newer (these ones) for the other section but they don’t line up in the end.

    If not, it’s okay, I can adapt around this, I just saw it and panicked a little bit.

    Thanks 🙂

  4. I am having trouble finding cloth large enough to make this. Any suggestion where I could find some?

    1. We’d suggest a brick and mortor fabric store. They sell something called “binca fabric”, which is exactly the same as 14 count aida (they call it something different due to its use). You can normally buy it 6 foot wide, and as many meters as you want. You can sometimes buy it online under the binca name too.
      An alternative suggestion would be to contact aida sellers direct. They’re normally happy enough to sell direct to customers.

  5. Where is everyone finding fabric that is large enough? I’m thinking of doing it on 25 count but I haven’t found a piece large enough!

    1. tl;dr Specialty shops should have it or you can order online from those shops or the manufacturer

      Specialty stitching shops should have access to anything 53 inches wide or smaller, and from there you can get it as many yards long as you want (more or less, but I’ve never seen a project that would be longer than however long the bolt/roll is). I know from calculating for myself that this project will fit over 2 on 36 count evenweave/linen (translates to 18 count Aida) and still be wide enough for the standard 3-inch finishing allowance. (Aside: this is my piece, and my shopkeep looked at me like I’d grown a second head when I told her I needed two continuous yards, but she ordered it.) It will technically fit over 2 on 32 count evenweave/linen (16 count Aida), but you’ll only have an inch and a half allowance on the sides.

      Since you’re looking at 25 count, I’m assuming you’re planning on doing it over 1, yes? Most specialty shops should carry or be able to order an appropriate size.

  6. How big is y’all actual size I’m trying to get aida cloth… I want to start this project

    1. It depends what count you want to do it in. If its 14 count, its meant to be 145cm x 182cm, but with extra cloth for the frame and possible stretching, you’ll need at least 160cm x 200cm

  7. Does any part of the pattern include any partial stitches or outlining or anything? considering trying this in another craft but it wouldn’t work if its written for any additional details like that (from what i saw on the pattern it didnt have it but figured best to double check for entire thing in case i missed it)

  8. I’m currently using these as pixel art guides in minecraft, making massive stained glass paintings using mods. Currently working on the gen 2 one, then i’m gonna work on this massive one.

    1. Nice! I had to stop right after I started, but I’ll pick it back up after this present is done! You’ll probably beat me at your pace.

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