Free Epic Pokemon Generations Cross Stitch Patterns

Epic Pokemon Generation Cross Stitch Patterns
Epic Pokemon Generation Cross Stitch Patterns

Some of the most requested Pokemon patterns out there, and seen as some of the most epic; are Servotron’s epic Pokemon cross stitch patterns.
We’ve compiled all 5 of Servotron’s patterns and an additional 6 and 7th generations by Shadow_Nova, showing the first 7 generations of Pokemon in the generation 5 Pokemon sprites. Each pattern is the same size, and uses the same 105 master colors.
Stitch Count: 256w x 450h
Finished Size: 18.3″ x 32.1″ or 46.4cm x 81.6cm (14ct)
Number of colors: 105 (generation 1), 101 (generation 2), 105 (generation 3), 103 (generation 4), 101 (generation 5), 102 (generation 6) & 103 (generation 7) DMC

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Thank you to Servotron and Shadow_Nova for making these patterns with the help of the SpriteStitch community and all the members of the Poke Community and Smogon forums for their excellent sprites.

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If you want to see how they look completed, we have a whole gallery you can view!
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This Post Has 286 Comments

  1. nataleigh ✌

    Hi! QQ–are the extended patterns only extended along the edges? If I switch to non-extended to help complete the ones on the page edges, am I gonna mess it up? I hope this makes sense (Gen 1, if it matters!)

    1. LordLibidan

      The extended patterns are only extended on the edges, yes. However the two patterns were made by different people, so we can’t be sure that colors match perfectly between the two (but placement is exactly the same).

  2. Ashley stover

    Hi there! When will an update for the all generation pattern be available as it’s only got the first 5 gens on it- also is generation 9 (scarlet/violet) going to be available soon? I’ve been working on mine for my daughter as she is in love with Pokémon.

    1. LordLibidan

      I’m afraid we’re not intending to update the all generations pattern. Its just too much work and its already MASSIVE.
      As for gen 9, we’re waiting for the generation to end. We don’t know what other games or pokemon will come out in this generation, so we’re waiting for notification from the Pokemon company. Right now we know that there will be new Pokemon in the DLC for Scarlet/Violet on the 12th December.

  3. Henriette

    I’m getting ready to begin the Gen 1 extended pattern – and this might be a silly question, but in for example 349, the diamond shape inside the symbol changes between black and white, and I’m just curious if that signals a different stitch or colour combination?

    Thank you so much for making these available!

    1. LordLibidan

      The color of the diamond (or symbols) change to make it easier to see based on the colors around it. Its the same thread!

  4. Jerri

    Hi – out of curiousity, why is the gen 5 pattern the only one to not strictly have the starters at the bottom? It seems a bit out of place compared to all the other gens. Is there a reason behind it? Or is there a pattern where it closely resembles the other gens?

    Thanks in advance !!

  5. Niko

    Hi, I noticed that in first gen pattern colour 842 makes chansey and Mr mime look pretty gray. Could you maybe suggest more fitting colour? I might me wrong cause I only checked it on pattern keeper but I’m a little worried since this colour looks more beige then pink.

    1. LordLibidan

      Hey! The colors have been picked to work together, rather than separately, so many colors taken in isolation look a little off.