Free Pokemon Cross Stitch Pattern

Oh, the Pokemon goodness!
This free epic pokemon cross stitch pattern has been created using generation 2 sprites, but it only contains the original 151 Pokemon. It was actually made by the Pokemon company too.

free epic pokemon cross stitch pattern

Stitch Count: 414w x 394h
Finished Size: 30″ x 28″ or 75cm x 71cm (14ct)
Number of colors: 94 (DMC)

Pokemon Circle Cross Stitch
Pokemon Cross Stitch by 42kayla (source:

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53 thoughts on “Free Pokemon Cross Stitch Pattern

  1. Both 739 and 3078 on both the B&W and Color pattern appear as blank boxes, is this a pattern error or is my computer possibly missing a font to read it properly? I prefer working from the B&W but without knowing what color those boxes are hard to stitch properly. Also noticed boxes that were supposed to be “c” for white appear blank as well, easy to tell on the color, but hard on the B&W.

    1. Hi Ella,
      We’re aware there are a few issues with the “c”s not appearing. The pattern is so huge that the software struggled to cope with it.
      This is the first we’ve heard of 739 and 3078 though, we’ll look into this asap for you!

  2. New to big projects like this and was wondering do I need one large piece of aida cloth or can I buy multiple and sew them together? Very cool project !!

  3. 151? I can’t find Snorlax, Mew or Beedrill!

    I’m about halfway through this after starting in January, thanks for publishing this it has kept me going through lockdown!!

    1. You can see snorlax between tauros, scyther, electrobuzz and tentacruel. Beedrill is in between pilachu, starmie and Machamp. I was also halfway through the pattern when I noticed that there is neither lapras, mew, dragonite nor it’s pre evolved forms to be found. 🙁

  4. I am on page 3, 72 down and 106 over. This area has a little box character in it. The little box character is identified as either 3078 or 739, which one is used in this area? Also would you be able to indicate where these colors are used?

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