Full List of Discontinued DMC Threads

With the DMC company being in operation for well over 270 years, it’s no wonder that they’ve had to discontinue a few threads. And whilst we’ve looked into the reasons DMC threads have been discontinued I couldn’t find a full list anywhere. So, please find the attached list, with replacements (if there is one): Updated June 2023

57 (variegated) no replacement
61 (variegated) no replacement
75 (variegated) no replacement
91 (variegated) no replacement
95 (variegated) no replacement
101 (variegated) no replacement
102 (variegated) no replacement
103 (variegated) no replacement
104 (variegated) no replacement
108 (variegated) no replacement
112 (variegated) no replacement
113 (variegated) no replacement
114 (variegated) no replacement
116 (variegated) no replacement
122 (variegated) no replacement
123 (variegated) no replacement
124 (variegated) no replacement
126 (variegated) no replacement
504 replaced with 3813
731 replaced with 732
776 replaced with 3326
781 replaced with 782
971 replaced with 740
806 replaced with 3760
868 replaced with 801
724 replaced with 725
5269 replaced with E699
5270 replaced with E815
5272 replaced with E5200
5279 replaced with E301
5282 replaced with E3821
5283 replaced with E168
5284 replaced with E3852
5287 replaced with E317
5288 replaced with E316
5289 replaced with E3837
5290 replaced with E3843
3773* replaced with 407
3880* replaced with 3722
3881* replaced with 3364
3882* replaced with 801
3883* replaced with 722
3884* replaced with 04
3885* replaced with 312
3886* replaced with 035
3887* replaced with 3837
3888* replaced with 3041
3889* replaced with 445
3890* replaced with 3846
3891* replaced with 3844
3892* replaced with 970
3893* replaced with 543
3894* replaced with 907
3895* replaced with 648
4000^ (variegated) no replacement
4017^ (variegated) no replacement
4022^ (variegated) no replacement
4042^ (variegated) no replacement
4047^ (variegated) no replacement
4066^ (variegated) no replacement
4068^ (variegated) no replacement
4069^ (variegated) no replacement
4072^ (variegated) no replacement
4073^ (variegated) no replacement
4095^ (variegated) no replacement
4122^ (variegated) no replacement
4129^ (variegated) no replacement
4135^ (variegated) no replacement
4205 (variegated) no replacement
4211^ (variegated) no replacement
4212^ (variegated) no replacement
4214^ (variegated) no replacement
4237^ (variegated) no replacement
4245 (variegated) no replacement
4250^ (variegated) no replacement
4255^ (variegated) no replacement
4260^ (variegated) no replacement
4265^ (variegated) no replacement
E131 (Carnivale Fun Metallic) no replacement
E133 (Midnight Madness Metallic) no replacement
E136 (Emerald Isle Metallic) no replacement
E138 (Opalescent Rays Metallic) no replacement
E140 (Tropical Delight Metallic) no replacement
E141 (Holiday Sparkle Metallic) no replacement
E144 (Majestic Metals Metallic) no replacement
E146 (Caribbean Ripples Metallic) no replacement
E148 (Purple Essence Metallic) no replacement
E150 (Deep Water Blue Metallic) no replacement
E152 (Pink Shimmer Metallic) no replacement
E154 (All That Jazz Metallic) no replacement
E170 (White Silver Metallic) no replacement
E305 (Titanium Metallic) no replacement
E3821 (Straw Gold Metallic) no replacement
E3868 (Light Silver Metallic) no replacement
E3870 (Bronze Gold Metallic) no replacement

* These threads aren’t officially discontinued, however, they are only available in the US and Australia, and are mostly sold in packs. You can still pick these up individually from the DMC US website though.
^ Can still be found as part of large variations packs in Northern America.
Need a DMC thread card with the new colors? We have you covered.

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This Post Has 56 Comments

  1. Annie

    Do you know what brand floss had numbers 2056 2406 2206 2203 ?

  2. Lisa

    I’ll trying to find a replacement for 678. I have a pattern that calls for it but does don’t even have a slot for it anymore. Thanks!

    1. LordLibidan

      There’s never been a 678 I’m afraid. Could it be 3687?

  3. Dinah

    This thread-bare post claims there’s an updated list but I can’t verify it elsewhere. Can you tell if it’s correct?

    1. LordLibidan

      I had to reach out to DMC directly, but there is an internal preferred replacement list that matches the one supplied by Thread-Bare. I’ve updated mine to reflect it!

      1. Dinah

        Thank you so much! Huge fan of your site. I’m a software engineer who started stitching during the pandemic. Your blog has helped me with beginner questions and has had lovely resources like this discontinued list which have helped me with my own software. Thanks for your site 🙂

      2. Jack Dice

        Any chance you could send me that updated list ,Or tell me where to get it

      3. LordLibidan

        We already updated our list to the new one!

  4. Angela

    I bought an older lot of DMC thread and it has #609. I know it’s a DMC color, because the paper sleeve is still with the thread. I can’t seem to find any info on it. A shade you are familiar with?

    1. LordLibidan

      Is it a six-strand thread? I know there is DMC wool with the number 609 (it’s a dusky blue) but I’ve never seen it as an embroidery thread.

  5. Lucinda Wonderlich-Fuller

    I have cross stitch pattern copyright 2006 and I can not find 2 of the DMC colors
    DMC 337 Black brown
    DMC 378 Mocha Brown – LT

    I have looked at websites for discontinued DMC threads and it does not list these 2.
    Do you have suggestions for substitutions?
    Thank you

    1. LordLibidan

      Sounds like the pattern has incorrectly lost a number.
      DMC 3371 Black Brown
      DMC 3782 Light Mocha Brown
      Both are current threads, so you should be able to get your hands on them!