Futurama Cross Stitch Pattern Spotlight

It’s really important to us that we use non-copyrighted images for our cross stitch pattern spotlight, so when we were given the task of finding a killer Futurama pattern, we thought we’d have a struggle on our hands. However, in our search we found some really great patterns, with no copyright, but still, clearly Futurama.

Futurama Cross Stitch Pattern by PatternArtCollection

Futurama Cross Stitch Pattern by PatternArtCollection (Source: Etsy)
Futurama Cross Stitch Pattern by PatternArtCollection (Source: Etsy)

We’ve decided to post two patterns this week. It’s actually the same pattern, but in different colors, something that the designer, PatternArtCollection does a lot. It’s in the designer’s typical style, which at the moment is super in; a silhouette front with a detailed, but small color palette. I’m a massive fan of their work, having stitched up three of their patterns myself, so I know that they’re great to stitch, as well as great looking in the flesh.
The funky colors, day and night feel, with Fry under Bender’s legs gives a real feeling of how Bender thinks of himself in the Futurama episode ‘Obsoletely Fabulous’ whilst the forest background also plays off the Forbidden Planet; a massive influence of the series. Truly a great pattern.
This pattern was found on Etsy.

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    Thanks for this idea! I love the design and will be sharing your link in my newsletter.