The Best Geeky Cross Stitch

Cross stitch is inherently geeky, however with more and more people releasing their inner geek; we’ve had some epic cross stitches.

Star Trek Sampler

Star Trek Sampler Cross Stitch by samapictures (source:

Star Trek has long been in the realm of geeks, but with recent movies its become more and more popular, however its still firmly geeky. This sampler shows everything geeky about the series, with all its cross stitch glory!
This pattern actully came from the Star Trek Cross Stitch book myself and John Lohman put together:
Star Trek Cross Stitch Book Cover by John Lohman and Lord Libidan

Game Of Thrones Pokemon Mashup

Game of Thrones Pokemon Cross Stitch by Beki710 (source:

Game of Thrones brought geek to the every day with the awesome books and TV series, however back when it was just into its first series this amazing piece was made. Sure, it doesn’t subscribe to the R+L=J theory, but its great use of a pre-existing Pokemon set makes it geeky in the extreme.

Harry Potter Crests

Harry Potter Crest Pillows Cross Stitch by Carlydx-x (source:

The Potter books and movies are great, but their attention to detail is what makes them really stand out. The production team even managed to create perfect house crests, which were quickly picked up, pixelized, and cross stitched. However, their HUGE size stopped people in their tracks, but making 4 of the things and then making pillows; there must have been magic involved.

Epic Pokemon

Epic Pokemon Cross Stitch by Eponases (source:

I’ve mentioned Pokemon above, and I use it a lot in my work, but the sheer size of this piece is mind blowing. The pattern was made over on the SpriteStitch forums, it’s been started (and even finished) a dozen times, but the image above was the first, and gives a great idea of its huge 4.5 foot size.

Star Wars Tapestry

Star Wars Coruscant Tapestry by Aled Lewis (source:

Talking huge; hows a 9 foot long cross stitch of the entire original Star Wars trilogy? OK, its not actually a tapestry as its purely cross stitch, but damn its cool.

Glow In The Dark Spiderman

Spiderman Glow In The Dark Cross Stitch by stitchFIGHT (source:

This Spiderman stitch deserves a place on this list anyway, however with its clever use of glow in the dark thread it really pops.

Portal 2 Lemon Rant

Portal 2 Lemon Rant Cross Stitch by benwermers (source:

This just makes me itch to play Portal 2 again, one of my all-time favorite games EVER.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who Tardis Cross Stitch by elfstitch (source: Buzzfeed)

Just looking at this makes me hum the theme tune. Doctor Who, the geekiest of 70s TV, is still loving strong today with awesome stitches like this.

Ohm Sweet Ohm

Ohm Sweet Ohm Cross Stitch by Adafruit (source:

Home sweet home sampler + pun + electronics + cross stitch = the best geek inspired cross stitch ever!
I mean; this is just so geeky its hilarious. And damn that’s a good pun.

Lord Of The Rings Gateway

Lord Of The Rings Mines of Moria Cross Stitch by Jamie Sesslin (source:

You don’t need to say anything about this. Its just pure amazing. Not only that, but this stitch came out before the movies. Very very impressive.

Adventure Time’s Everything Burrito

Adventure Time Everything Burrito Cross Stitch by LadyBeta (source: reddit)

I admit, I’ve watched all of Adventure Time, and I’m still not sure if its a kids program or not… But its my guilty pleasure, the thing I hide from friends… It’s so reminiscent of old school geek is great. And so is the everything burrito…

Space Invader School

Space Invader School Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan

No geeky cross stitch list is complete without a smashing of retro gaming, and my Space Invader School cross stitch is a perfect example of that geekiness.


Alien Cross Stitch

Alien Cross Stitch by ScarlettStitches (source:

I don’t like to post rude stitches on this site, but the cult classic Alien has to be on the list. It’s summed up the tone of the film perfectly.

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