Are Cross Stitch Identification Cards Worth Getting?

I rarely talk about tools of the cross stitch world on this blog; we try to stay impartial at all times, however, that changed last year when I just HAD to tell you about tiny travel scissors. You can get them from loads of brands, so we weren’t playing favorites, but since then we’ve had a few people ask about different tools of the cross stitch world. Normally, those tools that people tend not to buy. Tools like identification cards.

Aida Gauge & Ruler

The first identification card we’ll look at is an aida gauge. Prior to knowing these things existed, I’d swear blind at a normal ruler as I counted stitches on a random bit of aida I hadn’t bothered to label correctly. Yes, I know you’ve been there!
You buy some fabric, bring it home, and it goes in a pile. Those piles somehow merge and you’re lost as to if its a 16 or 18 count. Well, that’s where the aida gauge comes into play.
Without even having to count, you can check the size of your aida, use the stitch markings to see how big a pattern of a certain stitch size will be on various fabric counts or even check your design is positioned correctly before you start stitching (that’s got me on more than one occasion).
The fact that these things are less than $5 and check aida from 11 to 40 just goes to show how awesome they are, and just how much you need one.
Worth buying – Average cost $4

Cross Stitch Gauge and Rule by Yarn Tree (Source: Stitched Modern)
Cross Stitch Gauge and Rule by Yarn Tree (Source: Stitched Modern)

Needle Identification Cards

Next up we have needle identification cards. These things use established sizes of tapestry needles so you can compare your needle to a set list of sizes. In principle, its a great idea, however if you’re anything like me, you’ll make sure you store your cross stitch needles properly. In that case, it might not be that helpful.
In fact, to us, it was helpful at all. Sure, they can check all types of needles per-say, but not different types of cross stitch needle. There was no petit needles, double sided needles, self threading needles or anything other than a standard needle.
Not worth buying – Average cost $12

Needle Identification Card (Source: Stitched Modern)

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  1. Caroline

    Hi, I love your conversion table since I’m stitcher that primarily uses cosmo I’d like to have a pretty reliable DMC to Cosmo conversion chart. Any downloadable resources you can recommend? If you make yours downloadable I’d nab it in a heartbeat and pay for it as well. Thanks, Caroline

    1. LordLibidan

      I don’t know of any printed conversion tables actually… I know there are some sold on Etsy, but not sure if there are any DMC to Cosmo ones…