How To Find A Perfect Needle Minder

It’s fair to say at this point that I’m a big fan of needle minders. So much so that I included them in my cross stitcher Christmas gift list this year, as well as devote a whole post to some weird and wonderful needle minders. But whilst stitching my Star Trek Voyager cross stitch I realized that finding the perfect needle minder for you, isn’t just its design.


Everyone knows that needle minders are meant to hold needles for you, but a needle minder can be so much more. I’ve seen loads of different uses, from magnifiers to and the ever-popular needle threaders, some of which we covered in last weeks needle threaders. By adding in something that you’re going to use anyway, you can stop that ever painful moment scrabbling around the floor trying to find one of those small tools.

Needle Minders with built-in needle threaders by NeedleKeep Emporium (Source: Etsy)


However, in my mind, there’s something much more important to look out for with needle minders. Size. When you’re stitching up a massive cross stitch, this isn’t so important, after all, you have space. But when you’re working on a smaller project, or even worse, traveling, the need for a needle minder is even higher! Yet large needle minders are frankly unwieldy. That’s why I use a super small needle minder when I can, such as these tiny 1cm kittens!

Tiny Kitten Needle Minders by Snarky Crafter (Source: Etsy)


But this, of course, opens up another thing to consider, weight. You see, whilst some needle minders can be small and as a result, work better for smaller projects, a lot of needle minders are metal, meaning they’re heavy. This not only causes more pressure for the frame/hoop but can even warp your aida depending on what frame you use. As a result its a good idea to have a light weight needle minder in your collection too.
We personally love the idea of combining some of these options, like this awesome 2cm tiny needle minder made from lightweight plastic by FandomCrossStitchery.

Oreo Cookie Needle Minder by FandomCrossStitchery (Source: Etsy)

You can win both NeedleKeepEmporium’s and FandomCrossStitchery’s needle minders in our free cross stitch giveaway!

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