How To Make A Needle Minder

There are a lot of advantages to using a needle minder, from saving you losing needles and keeping things tiny to just adding a bit of interest to your stitching space. But do you really need to buy a needle minder?
We don’t think so. In fact, you can make a whole variety of needle minders, and all you need are a few magnets…

Stitch One

So for the first idea, we suggest stitching one! After all, it’s great to be able to use your cross stitch for something useful.
We suggest using plastic canvas, as you can finish plastic canvas in a way that makes a little envelope. Drop a single neodymium magnet into the space, and all you need to do is place another magnet on the back of your work, and you’re done! But we do suggest a smaller cross stitch like my cassette cross stitches.

Use A Pin

Another idea, and one that a lot of people selling needle minders use, is using pins. There are a whole bunch of pins out there from tiny to massive, from brash to refined and everything in between. You will need a specific tool for this one though; wire clippers. Simply snip the spike off the back of the pin, and add a magnet with some hot glue (some pins are already magnetic, but many aren’t, so check first).

Tiny Kitten Needle Minders by Snarky Crafter (Source: Etsy)


Use Doll House Items

My personal suggestion, however, is to use dollhouse items. Dolls house items are super small, well built, and don’t need anything adapting; you simply add the magnet. You can go with dollhouse food (I have a ramen noodle needle minder), dollhouse books (use your favorite book and you have a super personalized minder), or even furniture. I’ve even seen 32 count cross stitch turned into a dollhouse artwork, turned into a needle minder!

coffee cups needle minders (source: pinterest)


Craft One From Clay

Feeling a little more crafty? How about making one from polymer clay? This works very similarly to the dollhouse example, but you have the freedom to make anything you want out of clay. Simply craft your design, then bake it in the oven. You could even get the kids involved and get them to make you something special!

Polymer cake needle minder by ChapelViewCrafts (source: etsy)


Combine It With a Needle Threader

More of a utilitarian stitcher? How about combining it with your favorite needle threader?
Most needle threaders are metal-based, and you can simply add a magnet to the back of your work and you’re set! No gluing needed 😀

Needle Minders with built in needle threaders by NeedleKeep Emporium (Source: Etsy)

We’d love to see some examples of your needle minders, and especially so if you’re not a fan of needle minders!
Happy stitching!
Lord Libidan

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  1. Katrina

    I was hoping you might discuss magnets and glue. I bought some disc magnets that are so strong they pull off the item I was trying to turn into a needle minder!
    You have some fun ideas though!

    1. LordLibidan

      There are some… aggressive magnets out there, I must admit! When it comes to neodymium magnets always go as small as possible.