How To Work Out How Many Skeins You Need

Working out how many skeins you need for your next project can be hard, and whilst I do see more and more pattern generators adding this feature, pattern designers are rarely using it. So in order to help everyone out, we’ve created a brand new calculator that does all the hard work for you! It uses the data we developed a year ago with our post on how many stitches you can get out of an 8m skein, but with a nice, easy user interface.
Just add in your fabric count, threads per stitch, and the number of cross stitches. Hit calculate and it’ll tell you how much if a skein it will use, and how many you need to buy.

You’re using:
count fabric with thread strands
Color Code
Skeins Used
Skeins Needed

Cross stitch calculator created by 

The above calculator is an estimate only. Most people will find it correct, however, if you are more or less efficient you may see small differences in how many skeins you may need.
We also have a cross stitch fabric calculator if you need to work out how much fabric to buy!


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