I’m featured in the XStitch Magazine!

It’s been a rather busy few months for me this year, with my upcoming Hello Kitty Kit coming out, and a feature in Mr X Stitch’s Guide to Cross Stitch Book. However, when I heard about the new cross stitch magazine, XStitch, on kick starter, I just HAD to get involved.

I’m keeping my pattern secret, for now, however, it is one of the patterns featured on the cover below.

xstitch magazine cover summer 2017 featuring Lord Libidan (source: xstitchmag.com)

The first issue came out Summer 2017, with 80 pages, and all kinds of great things like thought-provoking columns, interviews, product reviews and tips and techniques to help you improve your stitching. And to make it stand out from the competition (just encase the contemporary side of things wasn’t enough) each issue will have a collaborative playlist to listen along to as you read.
It stands to be one of the best magazines around in my mind, and I’m just crazy happy about being able to get involved from the very first issue.
Saturn V blueprint embroidery in the Xstitch Mag by Lord Libidan (source: xstitchmag.com)

I’ve now been published quite a few times. Check me out in:
Fine Art Cross Stitch Kit
Emoji Cross Stitch Kit
Star Wars Cross Stitch Kit
Star Trek Cross-Stitch: Explore Strange New Worlds of Crafting Book
Disney Classic Cross Stitch Kit
Mr X Stitch Guide to Cross Stitch book
CrossStitcher Magazine (twice)
CrossStitcher Designer Stitches Magazine
CrossStitchCrazy Magazine
& XStitch Magazine

You can check out a full unbiased review of the XStitch Magazine at our recap of the best cross stitch magazines.

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  1. Tamsyn Sutton

    I love this design. The magazine doesn’t say what fabric you stitched it on though?

    1. LordLibidan

      Its a 14 count hand dyed aida. The most similar colour to the one we used is Charles Craft’s Navy or Zweigart Navy.