Pacman Etched Glass

Title: Pac Man Etched Pint Glass
Date Completed: November 2012
Design: Lord Libidan
Video Game: Pacman
Waga-waga! I’ve seen quite a few etched glasses over the years, and I’ve always wanted to try my hand, but was never able (its REALLY hard to find glass etching cream in the UK). I finally found some, and needed some interesting pint glasses to take to work. My intention was to make the glass look great from the front, however when I finally sat down and got to it, I realised a round the glass design would work best. The only thing I know that chases each other from video games was Pacman.
Around the glass is Pacman is eating pellets and in turn and chasing a ghost. Similarly the ghost is chasing Pacman.
I have a few pint glasses at home from varous beer companies and its common to have a message at the bottom of your drink so you can read it once you’ve finished. As a result I added “GAME OVER” in a pixelated font.
I also created an etched Space Invader pint glass at the some time.

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