Point de croix, Kreuzstich, クロスステッチ and the foreign cross stitch that don’t get as much focus as they should

When you want to look cross stitch for inspiration, go to places like google and Instagram offer a whole volume of awesome pieces to choose from. However other than the generic “cross stitch” search, there are a whole host of secretly hidden and stand out awesome cross stitch to see out there. But you have to think outside the box. Specifically, to different languages.

Whilst most of the world tends to use the English translation for cross stitch, there are some notable exceptions. Sadly these exceptions just don’t get as much press as other pieces, so often fall into obscurity. But they’re so darn good!

クロスステッチ zelda cross stitch (source: twitter)
クロスステッチ zelda cross stitch (source: twitter)

The above piece, and a lot of my Instagram account, uses the term “クロスステッチ” (cross stitch in Japanese), which not only features a lot of video games, geeky, anime and Kawaii, but blends traditional Japanese embroidery techniques with modern counted cross stitch in an amazing way.

There are a few places around the world that hold a strong cross stitch presence in their traditional culture. Japan as above has newly developed this fascination, however, German has been doing Kreuzstich for hundreds of years, and even popularised it in England back in 1840. The believe piece is a fantastic example of work currently being done.
Kreuzstich heart cross stitch (source: twitter)

Not convinced yet?

Ukraine has had cross stitch as part of its traditional dress for hundreds of years, and so its no surprise that the Eastern Block and its surrounding countries are big on cross stitch, or вышивка крестиком as it is known. We’ve featured her a few times, but stand out cross stitch artist Severija shows they sill take it super seriously.
Cross Stitch- Helmets by Severija (source: mrxstitch.com

Finally, and somewhat more traditionally there’s Point de croix. Whilst France tends to stitch online under the term cross stitch, there’s a traditional backbone stitching under its own term. These tend to be almost entirely traditional, occasionally you find a sweet modern twist.
kittys Point de croix cross stitch by ancusa (source: pinterest)

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