Pokeball Pokemon Prop – Anime

Title: Realistic Pokeball
Date Completed: March 2014
Design: Lord Libidan
Game/Show/Manga: Pokemon
I’ve seen a few pokeball props, however I’ve never seen one with the inside done too. So I rose to the challenge! Sadly I found out half way through that one other person has, however there were a few things I was unhappy with on her ball, so I contined anyway.
Firstly, the ball is made to be EXACTLY the same as the one in the anime, with a perspex globe painted on the inside. It has the following features:
– Sized to 3 inches, and perfectly circular
– Weight of 5oz
– Hidden hinge so does not show on inside or outside
– One piece construction as per the anime (not three parts put together)
– Locking belt on the top half of the ball
– Magnetic so sticks to belts and has easy access
– Full inside design with copper pins, wire, and curved mirrors
– Flat button as per the anime, with coloured ring to show the type of pokemon inside
I also made a manga version of the Pokeball at the same time.

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