Pokemon Cross Stitch Pattern Spotlight

For our pattern spotlight this week I wanted to focus on something people often look for; Pokemon patterns. However with the Pokemon company being rare to give out licenses (or at all in cross stitch), finding a piece that is copyright free is very hard. But not impossible…

Beta Pokemon Cross Stitch Pattern by MetamonPatterns

Beta Pokemon Cross Stitch Pattern by MetamonPatterns (Source: Etsy)

This week I’ve decided to feature a pattern by MetamonPatterns. First off, this is not copyrighted. The reason actually comes down to the sprites themselves; before the Pokemon Gold and Silver games came out, a demo was made available at spaceworld 1997, and it included these three pokemon. They were cut from the original game, however, so were never copyrighted.
That isn’t what makes this pattern great though (although I love a pattern with a cool story behind it), its the telling of the story. Using a classic Gameboy border with both Japanese and English names makes this piece more than just an average Pokemon pattern. The little nods to the beta Pokemon from spaceworld at the top and bottom add to telling that great story.
This pattern was found on Etsy.

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