Possibly The Best Cross Stitch Journal In The World?

Cross stitch journals are everywhere. This time of year in particular, social media is bombarded with Kickstarter after Kickstarter with journals in every form and fashion you can think of that state they’re the best thing to happen to cross stitch since the cotton thread.
Now, some of these are actually pretty darn good. I have one myself for tracking WIPs, and our DMC Thread Inventory Tracker has been used in many over the years.
But I never talk about them, as frankly, they’re very personal.
Today is different though. I want to talk about Subversive Cross Stitch’s Stitch Plz Cross Stitch Journal.

Cross Stitch Journal By Subversive Cross Stitch (Source: subversivecrossstitch.com)

I’m going to start this simply; this is not an ad. I haven’t been paid, and in fact, I only found out about this through my Instagram scrolling. But I didn’t let that stop me from talking about this frankly, awesome journal.

This is a journal. Simply put; it’s got a cross stitch purpose, but it’s not got special printed pages or anything. What it does have; is a stitchable cover.

But I know what you’re thinking, nothing you haven’t seen before, right?
The fact of the matter is, there are loads of cross stitchable things out there. In fact, you can cross stitch on many home products, like chairs and peg boards. But there have also been lots of specific items made for cross stitching on, like maps and phone covers.
But most of these simply ‘add holes’ to an existing product.

Cross Stitch Journal By Subversive Cross Stitch Half Stitched (Source: subversivecrossstitch.com)

Sure, that will make it stitchable. But you can see through it, or it’s poorly constructed.
In comes this journal. With a black card first page, the cover holes can’t see through, making it a much nicer product to stitch on!
Cross Stitch Journal By Subversive Cross Stitch Side View (Source: subversivecrossstitch.com)


So Why Is It So Great?

I hear you. So far, it’s just a well-made journal with a switchable cover. The thing that really makes this worthwhile; the pages. With well-spaced dots, with quality paper that doesn’t show pens through (even Sharpies!) it’s a dream for planning stitches. And as a bullet journal; you can fill it how you choose!

Cross Stitch Journal By Subversive Cross Stitch Interior Pages (Source: subversivecrossstitch.com)

You can pick one up for only $15 on Subversive Cross Stitch’s website. Due to dispatch in mid to late May.

Happy stitching!
Lord Libidan

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