Saturn V Blueprint Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan

Saturn 5 cross stitch by Lord Libidan fan made (source:
Saturn 5 cross stitch by Lord Libidan fan made (source:

Title: Saturn V Blueprint
Date Completed: June 2017
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Canvas: Navy
Colors: 1
Pop Culture: Space, Apollo
I’ve been squirreling away doing a lot of secret projects at the moment, however following on from my feature in Mr X Stitch’s Guide to Cross Stitch Book I was contacted about a new type of cross stitch magazine, XStitch, which includes contemporary and unique cross stitch patterns. I knew I had to put an idea into the ring, and so I got to work.
I knew I wanted it to scream out my usual style, however, I wanted it to be roughly A4 sized, so it fits on the pages better. I threw some initial ideas down, all of which seemed a little un-Libidan like. However, when looking through my back catalog of stitches I came across some of my blueprint cross stitches, such as the ZF-1 blueprint cross stitch. An idea started forming in my head and I realized the shape of my lightsaber blueprint cross stitch was a perfect fit.
I guess its time to look at the elephant in the room now. I love space. I had just finished reading The Martian for my second time when I looked at this project and my mind instantly went to space, and a very specific blueprint; the original Saturn V blueprints. There was actually a whole raft, all made public a few years ago, however, their detail always amazed me.
Saturn V blueprint embroidery in the Xstitch Mag by Lord Libidan (source:

You can pick up the NASA Saturn V blueprint cross stitch pattern from my Etsy store!

Below are a few examples stitched by readers:

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