Spring In Kurama Temple Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan
Spring In Kurama Temple Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan

Title: Spring In Kurama Temple
Date Completed: April 2021
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 16
Canvas: Cream
Colors: 25
Pop Culture: Japan
Whilst I’m well known for things like my transforming 3D cross stitch, over the last few years I've developed a real passion for everything Japan.   Whilst Japanese cross stitch has a massive cross stitch scene of its own, it's rare for Western audiences to see any of it, instead of seeing lots of Chinese patterns through places like aliexpress, so I’ve decided to fly the flag for all things Japanese cross stitch.
Since my last big piece, Morning At Hot Spring Resort in Arayu cross stitch, I’ve been obsessed with collecting ukiyo-e and shin-hanga. However, there is one artist I just can’t get enough of; Takeji Asano. You may know of him already if you’re aware of my work, and both my Moonlight In Yasaka Pagoda cross stitch and Spring In Daigoji Temple miniature cross stitch are by him too.
This work, also based in Spring, is the same size as both the hot spring and Yasaka Pagoda pieces, and in fact, I brought the frame before I even started, I was looking forward to it that much. But thanks to a few other projects I had going on, I had to break my golden rule of “never stitching more than one project at once” more than a few times. As a result this took me 8 months! But I’m glad to say it was worth it!

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