Summer Cross Stitch Pattern Spotlight

Finding a cross stitch pattern that shows off any season can be hard, but summer is a particularly hard one. With summers looking different everywhere, and frankly, there are only so many sun images you can take.

Summer Window Cross Stitch Pattern by MariBoriEmbroidery

Summer Window Cross Stitch Pattern by MariBoriEmbroidery (Source: Etsy)

And that’s why this week, we’re showing off this summer window by MariBoriEmbroidery. Unlike any of the other summer patterns I looked out, it doesn’t involve a sun, its a generic background, and doesn’t have any fancy words. But what it does have, is feeling. The subtle net curtains made up using sashiko, with heavier parts thanks to double patterns, it makes it look like the curtains are flowing in the soft summer wind.
This pattern was found on Etsy.

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