Lord Libidan

Super Miniature 3D Ecruteak City Cross Stitch

Title: Ecruteak City
Date Completed: May 2016
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Video Game: Pokemon

After playing with a miniature arcade cabinet, I wondered just how small I could go.
I’ve been throwing a lot of ideas around following a trip to Japan, and I started by making a torii gate. It just evolved from there. I’ve made the Pokemon Ecruteak City.
Ecruteak City is actually different in the anime, manga, and games, and so this is a combination of a series of images and video to make the most generalised city.
The bell tower (tin tower originally) is the main feature of the city, which has 9 floors with purple roofs, complete with a golden stand on top, to draw the legendary Pokemon Ho-oh. The opposite side sits the ill-fated burnt tower, with only 2/3 floors left, where the legendary Lugia. Both are on raised land masses to add to their height.
You can also find a Pokemon center, gym, PokeMart, zen garden, two red bridges, a pagoda, cherry tree, a blank house tile (which has always featured in both games and anime), and trees surrounding the whole city.
It’s 3.5″ by 3.5″, and 4″ tall.