Harry Potter And The Curse Of The Brilliant Cross Stitch

Harry Potter Coat of Arms Cross Stitch by grumble-king2 (source: deviantart.com)

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is out, and what better way to bring in the Potter goodness, than with a roundup of some of the best Harry Potter cross stitches!

At the top of the class we have this killer take on a traditional sampler, where all the sample stitches are Potter icons, with the golden snitch standing proud.
Sampler Harry Potter Cross Stitch

On the matter on snitches, this 99 problems satirical stitch is a fantastic way to use typography with imagery.
99 problems but a snitch aint one harry potter cross stitch

He-who-must-not-be-named is back again, with the dark mark. This fantastic example includes a sweet how to guide.
voldemorts dark mark Harry Potter Cross Stitch

One of my personal favorite parts of the series, and wish I had my own at the time, and this cross stitch really brings it to life without over working it.
mischief-managed harry potter cross stitch

always harry potter cross stitch

With a heavy heart I bring back bad memories of Dobby. However when Dobby was still with us, he had some fantastic moments; just like…
dobby the house elf harry potter cross stitch

This epic Harry Potter coat of arms cross stitch has been attempted by a lot of people, so many no one really knows where the pattern came from, however this example, with some truly fantastic framing really makes it stand out as one of the greatest epics out there.
harry-potter-coat-of-arms cross stitch

Finally we have the super clever glow in the dark Lumos spell.