The Tasty World Of Cross Stitch Cakes

awesome cross stitch cake by ana salinas

When you think cross stitch, you don’t normally think cakes. However the relationship has been out there a while. We’ve done the hard, tasty work for you, by finding those cross stitch cakes and cake cross stitch.

Cake: Ana Salinas

Originally showcased at the Americas Cake Fair Ana Salinas took the cross stitch world by storm with her fantastically realistic cross stitch cake.

awesome cross stitch cake by ana salinas
The original cross stitch cake by Ana Salinas

The thing that really made the world go crazy was the sheer detail. There’s realistic aida, with cross stitch perfectly spaced, and its just so awesome!

Cross Stitch: Sirinth

Cake don’t always have to be fancy to be tasty. Check this sweet Minecraft cake out by Sirinth who even made the pattern avalible for free on her website.
minecraft cake cross stitch by sirinth

Cake: Zoe Clark

Cross stitch cakes look hard, however once Ana Salinas took the world by storm, people started to emulate her. Most are poor emulations, however Zoe Clark has perfected a very simple method, which she even teaches on her website!

Cross Stitch: TinyLizard

These simplistic cupcakes are super sweet. What makes them even better, is you can pick yourself up a kit from EtsyStudio
cake cross stitch kit by tinylizardgifts

Minecraft Cross Stitch

Title: Minecraft
Date Completed: May 2015
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 18
Canvas: Black
Colours: 31
Video Game: Minecraft

In all the shows I’ve been to, by far the most requested game is Minecraft, and whilst I’ve had at least a few ideas for a while, I never stitched any. So here’s to change!
Its loosely based on a shirt design, but with my own flair, and additions, shading and a few secrets.

Working Minecraft Watch

Title: Minecraft Watch
Date Completed: March 2014
Design: Lord Libidan
Video Game: Minecraft
Whilst working on my custom handmade lightsaber I was playing Minecraft, and I just couldn’t get the idea of making a prop for it out of my head. As time went on, this project started forming a bit better, and thanks to reusing some pain from the lightsaber I created this minecraft watch.
Its a working replica prop of the minecraft watch which moves one whole spin every day. In order to get it to work I had to slow down a watch (so it only span once every 24 hours), and then replaced the hour hand with a full dial. I covered this dial in a slightly curvier version of the minecraft dial (taken from the ingame resources), and pained over the glass front to replicate the style of the game one.
I’m a big fan of watches, and always love seeing them in games, and so I had intended to also make a cross stitch version of the minecraft watch (I even looked at how to make this a working watch), but I FINALLY got around to playing the Last Of Us, and instead created a Last Of Us cross stitch watch.